Meet my neighbor, Cat!

I wondered: Who am I most like? Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda?

I skipped Super Bowl XLVIII and watched the “Sex and the City” marathon on E! Admit it, you still love Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

The funky spunk episode!!! The marathon was great, although I could’ve done without the constant “Keeping up with the Kardashians” adverts. Next Sunday, Kanye pops the big question. Just in case you missed it, Kim said yes—again. I’ll skip the show, and wait for Kanye’s post divorce album. It will be epic!

In honor of Kim’s third trip down the aisle, I wondered: “Is it really so hard to find the right one?” Carrie didn’t snag Big until season six. Charlotte searched for love for years before finding hairy Harry. The career-minded, slightly Type A, and extremely cynical Miranda eventually found love with Steve. Samantha was the only one to not find true love.

As I re-watched the finale, I realized SATC wasn’t just about sex. It was about great sex and relationships. And, “the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.”

Seems I was wrong about Samantha. She always knew true love started with loving yourself, “And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.”


Here kitty kitty…

When I opened my door last night, Cat sprinted in, sniffed around, and then sat down. I cooed “here kitty kitty” until I was blue and she wouldn’t move. I had to resort to leading her out with a piece of chicken that she quickly gobbled down. She sat on my porch for nearly two hours meowing for more.

It’s 2 p.m. and I’m trying to sneak out of my house for a daily walk. The problem? Cat is waiting to run inside. She’s really fast for such a fat feline. Yes, go ahead and laugh ‘cause the situation is truly funny.

I want to go for a walk, not a run. I definitely don’t want to chase a cat. Plus, I don’t run fast, not as fast as Cat. But guess what? I can do 20 pushups. No, not 20 in a row, and yes, it’s the girly pushups, but yeah me! It’s day four of Jillian Michaels’ “30 Day Shred,” and I can also do 20 jumping jacks and two sets of leg squats while holding three-pound dumbbells. Like I said, yeah me!


I plan to stick with Michaels’ workout for 30 days. Maybe then I can outrun Cat. Geez.

Not even Iron Man can complete with Berry, DeJesus and Knight…

I just read an article on how to help the women who were freed from the home of Ariel Castro. There’s a fund set up for three victims. Just visit

While I have no doubt that money will be needed for months and years to come, I also have no doubt that right now these women need the media to leave them alone. I know, it’s easier said, than done.

Let’s face it; today’s world is news hungry. Actually, it’s, or rather we’re, scandal hungry.  While the numerous articles detailing the kidnapping and freeing of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight read like a Diablo Cody script, I remind you it’s not.  Nor is this a Lifetime movie. These are real women who endured unspeakable pain and unimaginable suffering. They are survivors who deserve respect and privacy, not a microphone.  

So, we can help these women by not forcing them to relive their horrific stories for our entertainment. We can help Berry, DeJesus and Knight by using their kidnapping as a beacon to remind other young women to be extremely careful from whom they accept a ride. More importantly, we can help these women by sympathizing with their plight, but acknowledging they are not victims, they’re heroines.  


Today is what I have…

Yesterday I took a friend’s daughter to lunch for her 20th birthday. We were munching on smoked turkey sandwiches when Brit mentioned her bucket list.

Why would a 20-year-old child need a bucket list?

The list is not just things she wants to do before she dies, but little things she wants to do before her life gets too busy.

Brit’s list doesn’t include menial tasks such as climbing Mt. Everest or skydiving. No, she wants to visit a cranberry farm and she wants to learn Spanish so she can have a real conversation with the secretary at her dad’s law firm.

The amazing thing about her list is that she adds and subtracts from it—almost daily. “Today is what I have,” she said, then stuffed a grape from my fruit cup in her mouth.

I laughed out loud ‘cause she’s now quoting me. I snatched a French fry from Brit’s plate as she checked a task on her list with a lime-green ink pen. My smile grew wider as I realized she checked, “Lunch with one of Mom’s friends I admire—without my Mom.”

Last night I started my own bucket list and have already completed one task: “Lunch with cool-ass young woman I admire.”


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

For some insane reason I allowed my cousin Cynetha to talk me into participating in a 10-day ab challenge. Yes, it’s as painful as you imagine. Yesterday, I successfully completed a torturous workout that included 20 sit-ups and a 20-second plank. Today, I did 30 sit-ups, followed by a 30-second plank.  

Uh, I don’t about you, but I hate planking. It hurts. Seriously! My arms are still burning.

As I sit (trying not to breathe ‘cause my abs hate me), I’m wondering if I should add Cynetha to my growing list of enemies. It’s a long list and I’m quite proud of that fact.

Challenges—some are scary and some are downright painful.  But, most are life-changing, life-altering, life-affirming.

I set a goal to lose 5 percent of my current weight by June 30. Still, I keep derailing myself. Some days I realize that eating a box of cupcakes negates hours of exercise, but some days I don’t realize what I’m stuffing in my face until I’m fighting the ants away from the cookie crumbs on my desk.

I am my own worst enemy, and yes I’m #1 on my enemies list.

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