When did I become so uncool?

What I most love about my friend Rebecca is that she’s a word nerd. I’m serious. She gets giddy when she adds to her vocabulary. It’s infectious and I will admit her little oddity has improved my lexicon, so I won’t complain, at least not today.

Yesterday, Rebecca texted me a “Dear Abby” article about a mother who overheard her 17-year-old son talking about “twerking.” The mother wondered if twerking was similar to “catfishing,” “getting high,” or “tripping.”

While Rebecca and I thought it was sad the mother didn’t have the type of relationship where she could ask the son what catfishing meant, we both thought is was even sadder that I never heard of catfishing. I Googled, and it has nothing to do with fishing.

When did I become so uncool?

I didn’t hear about twerking until Miley molested a married man on national television with her butt.

Language is ever changing and if you’re a parent, you probably want to educate yourself on the latest slang. Trust me, “dexing” is not the same as texting.

My cool years are definitely behind me. Imagine my surprise upon hearing the latest Good Morning America promo: “Teenage girl catfishes an entire town. Stay tuned.” Thanks Rebecca.


I wondered: Who am I most like? Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda?

I skipped Super Bowl XLVIII and watched the “Sex and the City” marathon on E! Admit it, you still love Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

The funky spunk episode!!! The marathon was great, although I could’ve done without the constant “Keeping up with the Kardashians” adverts. Next Sunday, Kanye pops the big question. Just in case you missed it, Kim said yes—again. I’ll skip the show, and wait for Kanye’s post divorce album. It will be epic!

In honor of Kim’s third trip down the aisle, I wondered: “Is it really so hard to find the right one?” Carrie didn’t snag Big until season six. Charlotte searched for love for years before finding hairy Harry. The career-minded, slightly Type A, and extremely cynical Miranda eventually found love with Steve. Samantha was the only one to not find true love.

As I re-watched the finale, I realized SATC wasn’t just about sex. It was about great sex and relationships. And, “the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.”

Seems I was wrong about Samantha. She always knew true love started with loving yourself, “And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.”


Ol’ school savvy or tech stagnant…

Jelly is getting a lot of notice. How could it not with celebrities including Al Gore and Bono backing the app?

The concept is simple. Take a picture of say Ole Miss’ basketball arena, then ask a question such as, “Who’s the best SEC team right now?” Click “send” and get answers.

Will I buy this app? No, but I’m definitely what you’d call, “Ol’ school savvy.” I keep my writing assignments and family birthdays in a Filofax. I jot my doctors’ appointments on a wall calendar and not in iCal (sorry Peter). If I want to know who’s the best in the SEC this week, I call, well, Peter.

I know I’m not the only high tech stagnant person out there. Today my sister was flipping through a dictionary when her co-worker said; “There’s an app for that.” Danielle replied, “I guess I just like looking words up the old fashioned way.”

I’m that same way, sorta. I use my Mac’s built-in thesaurus daily, but recently purchased the latest American Heritage Dictionary. I prefer a hardcopy, but I download (upload?) books to my Kindle too.

So, am I tech resistant or ol’ school stuck? I think I’ll tweet this question.

Yahoo Tech.

All the news that fits…

Wow. I wrote more than a thousand words towards my novel. I’m excited and nervous and scared. Simply, I’m a mess. I know that’s not news, especially to those who know me well.

Hey, did you know Robin Roberts is gay? Is that news?

Yes, Roberts is a highly recognized newscaster on ABC’s Good Morning America. And yes, Roberts fought and won her battle with breast cancer and later with myelodysplastic syndrome. Roberts’ public and publicized health issues brought much-needed attention to both diseases, and that’s definitely news. In fact, Roberts’ resolve to share her private battles with America is why I started watching GMA again.

In December, Roberts shared another private moment when she Facebooked (yes, I just made Facebook a verb), “…I am grateful for my entire family, my long time girlfriend, Amber, and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious new year together.”

It’s been nearly two weeks and the media still treats Roberts’ coming out as news.

Trust me, Roberts being gay is not news. The fact that Roberts has been in a loving relationship for 10 years is newsworthy especially when stats show the average American marriage lasts eight years.  Now, that’s news.

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