When did I become so uncool?

What I most love about my friend Rebecca is that she’s a word nerd. I’m serious. She gets giddy when she adds to her vocabulary. It’s infectious and I will admit her little oddity has improved my lexicon, so I won’t complain, at least not today.

Yesterday, Rebecca texted me a “Dear Abby” article about a mother who overheard her 17-year-old son talking about “twerking.” The mother wondered if twerking was similar to “catfishing,” “getting high,” or “tripping.”

While Rebecca and I thought it was sad the mother didn’t have the type of relationship where she could ask the son what catfishing meant, we both thought is was even sadder that I never heard of catfishing. I Googled, and it has nothing to do with fishing.

When did I become so uncool?

I didn’t hear about twerking until Miley molested a married man on national television with her butt.

Language is ever changing and if you’re a parent, you probably want to educate yourself on the latest slang. Trust me, “dexing” is not the same as texting.

My cool years are definitely behind me. Imagine my surprise upon hearing the latest Good Morning America promo: “Teenage girl catfishes an entire town. Stay tuned.” Thanks Rebecca.


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