Ol’ school savvy or tech stagnant…

Jelly is getting a lot of notice. How could it not with celebrities including Al Gore and Bono backing the app?

The concept is simple. Take a picture of say Ole Miss’ basketball arena, then ask a question such as, “Who’s the best SEC team right now?” Click “send” and get answers.

Will I buy this app? No, but I’m definitely what you’d call, “Ol’ school savvy.” I keep my writing assignments and family birthdays in a Filofax. I jot my doctors’ appointments on a wall calendar and not in iCal (sorry Peter). If I want to know who’s the best in the SEC this week, I call, well, Peter.

I know I’m not the only high tech stagnant person out there. Today my sister was flipping through a dictionary when her co-worker said; “There’s an app for that.” Danielle replied, “I guess I just like looking words up the old fashioned way.”

I’m that same way, sorta. I use my Mac’s built-in thesaurus daily, but recently purchased the latest American Heritage Dictionary. I prefer a hardcopy, but I download (upload?) books to my Kindle too.

So, am I tech resistant or ol’ school stuck? I think I’ll tweet this question.

Yahoo Tech.


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